Friday, 21 February 2014

Scene Investigators

Today the grade 3s became scene investigators! They were given clipboards and pencils to begin their explorations. 

There were 4 scenes set up around the classes. Each scene was different and told a different story. The job of the scene investigators was to figure out what these scenes were about using the clues in the scene. The pairs of learners began their quest by using a careful eye.

Take a look at the scenes they observed :

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Scene 3:

Scene 4:

Students rotated around the stations to begin their investigations!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Olympic Inquiry

We began our inquiries in class today on the Olympics. 

We have been tracking Canada's medal count and are so proud of our athletes. 

Today we continued exploring the Olympics and the Sochi 2014 app to spark our curiosity and interest in the various aspects of the Olympics. 

One of our learners figured out a great tool on the Sochi app that helps you find information on a particular sport of interest. Take a look...

Another learner discovered that "turkey" is not just a bird... It's also a country. Perhaps further inquiry about countries may begin...

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Starting our blogs!!

We began creating our first student blog posts. Each student in the class has their own blog now and it is going to be used as another tool for our learning. We are going to use it to reflect on our learning and share our classroom learning experiences.

We worked with a partner on our first blog posts. Our partner is there to help us with our blog posting. Our partner sometimes helps us by giving us suggestions, reviewing our blog and providing feedback on our post, etc. it is great to have someone to help us review and revise our posting.

Here is a look at us making our first blog posts:

Monday, 3 February 2014

Sochi 2014 - The Countdown is On!

Go Canada, go! The countdown is on and we are beginning to explore many aspect of the Winter Olympics. 

We are connecting our new focus of study in social studies to the Olympics. Students have to first find information about the words urban and rural. They may communicate their understanding by drawing pictures or writing words. 

After they had found some information, they applied their new understanding to find connections between what they had learned and the Olympics. For example, they could search for information about Sochi and try to justify it as either urban or rural. They could also find the hometowns of some of the athletes who travelled to Sochi and decide whether they are rural or urban.