Friday, 20 June 2014

Sketching the Beauty Around us!

Today we went on a walk and found beauty in the nature to practice our sketching techniques that we learned.

Take a look at the inspiration we used around us.

We also enjoyed some silent moments to listen to the birds, water, and leaves blowing in the wind.

Challenge today: Create Your Ideal Learning Space!

Let the planning and creativity continue!

Our classes have become creative designers and have been challenged to create an ideal learning spaces.

We began sketches of our design, calculated the area of our furniture and the area of our floor space, to make sure it was realistic (to some degree).

Some of our learning space ideas include: 
- swimming pools
- dolphins as a class pet
- couches
- tv
- a lot of windows
- bean bags
- beds
- chandeliers
- plants
- libraries
- bouncy castles
- stage 
- rugs
- pillows
- comfy chairs
- tables
- kitchen
- electronic room
- garden with fresh vegetables and herbs

Take a look at our plans that are underway...

Wait and see what our final designs look like and then you can dream of being in your favourite learning space...