Sunday, 23 November 2014

Guest Speaker: Signing with Grade 3s

Our grade 3 students had the pleasure of learning more about sign language from one of our monthly visits from a parent volunteer! 

We learned about how Aboriginal people in North America would sign with other Aboriginal people when they were trading with each other and trying to communicate with people that didn't speak their same language. 

We even began to recognize that all of us have different ways of communicating with others with hand signs -- waving, peace sign, thumbs up, etc.

It was a great day of learning! We strengthened the important understanding of the many different gifts and unique qualities that God blesses each of us with. We developed a greater understanding of various community members and are so excited to try some new ways of communicating.

Check out our classes practicing newly learned sign language...

We also watched a video of someone signing the song by Katy Perry, "Fireworks". It is amazing how much you can communicate without using one spoken word!

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