Inquiry-Based Learning Documents

Below are a list of various resources that might interest you! 

If you are looking to learn more about inquiry-based learning and sparking natural curiosity... read below!

We are currently reading the book, "Inquiry. A Districtwide Approach to Staff and Student Learning"  by: Nancy Fichtman Dana, Carol Thomas, and Sylvia BoyntonExcellent read for teachers that are wondering more about the benefits of inquiry, what it looks like, the types of inquiry, and some of the challenges of inquiry.

It is also interesting, as an educator, to start thinking about the power of your classroom environment; The Third Teacher:

Exploring Inquiry

Assessment in Inquiry-based Learning: Great website for information regarding the concept of natural curiosity.


  1. Popular discussion on education as well as recent findings in the learning sciences tell a similar story. The model of education typical of 20th century classrooms was effective for that era of human history, but the ‘knowledge society’ we now live in requires new thinking about what constitutes effective and engaging teaching and Inquiry based learning.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Catherine.